Organizations will simplify how to securely manage spaces, users, and billing.
Previous Space Creator Model
In the current version of, the user who created the Space automatically became the Space creator.
The space creator controls all administrative settings, payments, and plans. This is inefficient because it creates large administrative dependencies on an individual user.
Additionally, this model makes it difficult to manage all of the spaces and users in a larger organization. While a singular space creator model works, it can present issues at scale.
Organizations Introduction
To address these problems, is introducing a new group access model called organizations.
In a group access model such as Organizations, responsibilities and permissions are applied where it makes sense to apply them, removing the burden on an individual space creator.
All company spaces, users, and billing plans will now roll up to an organization level. A company’s organization has an organization owner, admin, and billing admin to manage administrative and billing tasks.
  • Several Users will be able to manage Billing.
  • Will provide more customization options for invoices.
  • Will provide a single source of truth for
    . A view where all spaces and users belonging to an Organization can be managed.
  • Summary of all the Spaces and how many Contacts each has.
  • Will introduce new roles and permissions.