Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


A new complete solution to create and manage Tags has been added to the platform. You can add, edit and delete Tags from the
page of the
module. Learn more here.
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Add a new Tag from anywhere
Not only can you add Tags from the Tags page in Settings, but you can also add Tags on the go from the
modules. Learn more here.
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Dive into our new-look Inbox module, designed for quicker and easier navigation.
Watch the walkthrough video or read on for highlights of the latest features.
Streamlined Messaging Experience
Our newly separated message and comment composers ensure clarity—now, you'll always know if you're sending a customer message or making an internal comment.
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Enhanced Visibility and Accessibility
Easily identify who you're chatting with thanks to the prominently displayed contact name at the top left of your taskbar.
We've also refined the layout, optimizing spacing and placement of elements to help you find exactly what you need, faster.
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Customize Your Taskbar
Personalize your experience by pinning your favorite conversation actions to the taskbar for quick and easy access. Just view the full list by selecting the 3-dot menu and choose which ones to pin.
We've also improved organization by separating the Shortcuts and Ongoing Workflow options, making it easier for you to find and use these features.
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Optimized Message Management
Our latest update brings a sleeker, more organized chat experience.
Messages sent closely together are now grouped, presenting a cleaner and more cohesive view of conversations.
This makes it easier for you to grasp the context of inquiries and responses quickly.
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Enhanced message interaction is also part of the upgrade.
Hover over any message to reveal the messages action menu, offering instant access to functions like Copy, Translate with Respond AI, Reply, and Reply with AI Assist.
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Dive into these new features and optimize your customer interactions on our platform!
In our continued effort to elevate your mobile experience, the following enhancements have been introduced to the - Inbox mobile app.
Workflow management
Easily view, search for and stop any ongoing Workflows of your Contacts. Here’s how:
  1. Simply tap the action menu button at the top right of a conversation, then tap
    Ongoing Workflows
  2. From the list of ongoing Workflows, tap
    next to a specific Workflow to stop it, or tap
    Stop all
    to stop all ongoing Workflows for this Contact. You can use the search bar to quickly find a specific ongoing Workflow, without needing to go through the list.
  3. Tap
    and the ongoing Workflow(s) will be stopped.
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Customer calling made easy
Call your Contacts directly within the mobile app for seamless communication. Here’s how:
On the Contact’s profile, tap
to begin a voice call:
  • If the profile contains a phone number, you will be directed to your mobile phone’s calling app with the number automatically populated.
  • If the profile does not contain a phone number, you will be directed to the
    field with the keypad displayed. Simply enter the phone number and start calling!
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Voice messages improvements
For better efficiency in attending to voice messages, a few improvements have been made.
Enhanced audio recorder:
  • You can start capturing audio messages with a single tap on the microphone icon on the message composer. This replaces the previous two-tap process.
  • Preview your recordings by using the slider to replay the audio files.
  • Easily adjust the playback position within the audio file using the slider.
  • Make changes or fix mistakes with a simple re-record.
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Enhanced incoming and outgoing voice messages:
  • Easily view the duration of the audio messages.
  • Adjust the audio playback speed for faster listening (1.5x or 2x) or slower comprehension (1x) by tapping on the speed option.
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  • Download voice messages as files to your mobile device by long-pressing on the message, tapping
    and tapping
    Save to device
Mobile Call and Voice Notes - voice msg2
Lastly, you can also share or download images you send or receive. Just tap on the image to preview it and then tap the relevant icon at the top right of the image.
Mobile Call and Voice Notes - download image1
Haven't downloaded our new app yet? Scan the QR code below or search “ - Inbox” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Keep your app updated to enjoy the latest features and an enhanced mobile experience.
For optimal performance, ensure your device is running the latest software version (Android 10 or higher, iOS 16 or higher).
We've rolled out several enhancements to make managing your Workflows, securing your accounts, and handling data more efficient. Here's what's new:
New Workflow Templates
We've introduced new templates to help you manage broadcast responses, route Contacts based on their language preferences and more.
  • Broadcast Response: Assign to Agent
    : Automatically assign agents to handle incoming responses to Broadcast messages.
  • Unsubscribe from Broadcasts
    : Easily manage Contact requests to unsubscribe from Broadcast messages.
  • Contact Routing: Ask Language Preference
    : Gather language preferences from Contacts and route them to the appropriate agents.
  • Contact Routing: By Language
    : Connect Contacts to agents who speak their preferred language.
  • Sales Call Report:
    Generate comprehensive reports on sales calls.
  • Mark Contact as Spam
    Workflow Template, as it is now replaced with the Block Contact feature.
Learn more here.
Improved Security for Google Sign-in
We've added 2FA verification for Google sign-in, ensuring an extra layer of security for your accounts.
Learn more here.
Upgraded Data Export for Growth Plan and Above
Enhanced Accuracy and Completeness
: We've expanded the data columns available in exports, providing you with more comprehensive insights and detailed reports.
Consistency Across Features
: Standardized data columns across different export features to ensure consistency and reliability. Users can export data via
Reports - Conversations List
Settings - Data Export
section. Previously missing data points and inconsistent column names in the Settings - Data Export section have now been addressed.
HTTP Request Step Enhancements
You can now include port numbers in URLs for HTTP request steps, enabling calls to servers accessible only through specific ports. This update also supports the use of IP addresses.
Learn more here.
Consistent Contact Creation
We’ve streamlined Contact creation by automatically selecting the Country field based on the phone number's country code for all Contact creation methods, including Developer API, Zapier, Make, and Contact Import.
Formerly known as the Messages module, the Inbox module now has a revamped interfaced and enhanced features to manage your conversations faster and more efficiently.
Watch the walkthrough video above to learn more, or continue reading to explore what’s new:
Easily Manage Conversations
You can use quick actions to manage and organize conversations more efficiently.
With quick actions, you can:
  • Close
    a conversation
  • Open
    a conversation
  • Snooze
    ongoing conversations
  • Select predefined
  • Assign
    conversations to team members
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You can now easily identify conversation statuses with our Closed and Snoozed labels, which have been made more visible for quick recognition at a glance.
Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 10
Improved Search Experience
Our search experience has been revamped to be more intuitive.
Quickly filter searches by Contacts, Messages, or Comments using the permanently available category tabs, which allow for effortless toggling between different categories.
Highlighted search results also provide visual clarity.
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Simplified Custom Inbox Management
We've streamlined the process of creating a Custom Inbox, making it clearer and more straightforward. Now, you can set up everything directly from the side drawer in just a few steps:
  • Assign a name to your Custom Inbox
  • Determine sharing options
  • Customize and adjust filters
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You can also effortlessly manage your Custom Inboxes with enhanced organization for better accessibility.
Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 10
Track Filters at a Glance
Now, easily track the total condition count with our updated filter drawer.
inbox filter
Explore the Inbox module enhancements and take your conversation management to the next level!
Thank you for your continued support of We're always looking for ways to better serve you. We’re now testing new pricing plans to offer more flexibility to cater to your specific needs and optimize your costs.
Explore the new pricing plans in
Organization Settings
Billing & Usage
. Click
Change Plan
and then the link on the banner to view the details.
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 9
Don't worry, your current plan and services remain unchanged unless you choose to switch.
Additionally, we've renamed 'MAC Overcharges' to 'MAC On-Demand' to more accurately reflect what the charges entail.
You can refer here to learn more about the improved
Billing & Usage
screen. For questions about our new pricing plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sales team.
We are excited to introduce the integration of the Meta Product Catalog with, an update designed to enhance your e-commerce experience. This new feature allows your Contacts to seamlessly browse and order products directly through WhatsApp chat, providing a streamlined and interactive shopping journey. Additionally, you can make use of WhatsApp Product Message Templates to effectively communicate and market your products across various modules. Last but not least, we've also introduced webhook integrations for seamless synchronization with systems like Zapier and Make. Let’s dive in deeper to learn more about these enhancements.
Connect your Meta Product Catalog to
Connect your Meta Product Catalog to to allow your Contacts to browse and order your products directly through WhatsApp Chat.
Additionally, you can temporarily disable your catalog or cart directly from if you are out of stock or just wanting to take a break.
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Learn more here.
Enhance Engagement with Product Messages Across Various Modules
Enhance customer engagement by sending the entire catalog, as well as single and multiple Product Messages with our Messages feature. You can also send catalogs as product template messages through Messages, Workflows, Broadcasts, Zapier, and Make.
Learn more here.
Integrate your Catalog with Webhooks
Create webhook integrations for incoming and outgoing Product Messages with, Zapier, and Make to customize your Contacts shopping experience.
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Learn more here.
Two new AI Agent branches have been added to help manage conversations better. The branches are:
  • Failure: Speak to Human
  • Failure: AI Unable to Answer
Both these branches manage the Contact’s journey when the AI Agent is unable to handle the conversation. The Contact’s journey proceeds to the
Failure: Speak to the Human
branch when, during the conversation, the Contact asks to speak to a human agent. On the other hand, the Contact journeys to the
Failure: AI Unable to Answer
branch when the scope of the conversation is outside the knowledge of the AI Agent, e.g., the Contact asks a question outside the scope of the Knowledge Sources provided to it.
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Learn more here.
Knowledge Sources: Scheduling website sync
You can now perform more actions on existing Knowledge Sources. Apart from viewing the website's log information, i.e., the links crawled within the website, you can also schedule to recrawl the website periodically using the
under the
menu. This will update the current data with the most recent content on the website, keeping the Knowledge Source up to date.
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Learn more here.
Idle Branch Wait Time Increased
The conversation is automatically closed if it remains idle for a maximum of 1 hour (60 minutes) now; previously, this was 15 minutes. You can alter the value when required.
Learn more here.
Showing AI Instructions
One of the challenges of using an AI Agent in a workflow is understanding its behavior once the workflow is saved or published. The
Show AI Instructions
button has now been added to show you a summary of the AI Agent’s behavior.
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Learn more here.
Knowledge Sources: Support for Text File Format
You can now also upload text files apart from PDF files as Knowledge Sources.
Learn more here.
Other Improvements
  • The AI Agent will now prioritize seeking clarification or getting more context before sending the fallback message; "I cannot find the answer in the provided context." The fallback message will only be used after attempting to clarify the contact's inquiries and if the AI Agent is unable find an answer.
  • Error messages such as “I cannot find the answer in the provided context” are now sent in the same language as the conversation.
You can now block Contacts to stop receiving spam messages from them. This keeps your inbox clutter-free, prevents future counts towards Monthly Active Contacts (MAC) usage and safeguards your business from security attacks and phishing attempts.
Here’s how you can easily block a Contact:
From Messages module
  1. Go to the module.
  2. At the top of the conversation, click the action menu icon and click
    Block Contact
  3. On the confirmation message, click
Block Contact 100
From Contacts module (only accessible by Owners and Managers)
  1. Go to the module.
  2. Under the
    column, click the action menu icon parallel to the Contact and click
    Block Contact
    . Alternatively, click the Contact’s name or profile photo to display the Contact’s profile, click the action menu icon and click
    Block Contact
  3. On the confirmation message, click
block c from c
Once a Contact is blocked:
The conversation will be moved to the 
Blocked Contacts
 Inbox or Segment in the Messages or Contacts module.
convo closed and blocked
You can unblock Contacts whom you think have been mistakenly blocked. Learn more on this as well as the implications of blocking Contacts here.
Experience our latest enhancements, such as improved growth widgets, increased team sizes, expanded language support, and enhanced Click-to-Chat Ads and more, making it easier for you to engage with your audience and streamline your internal collaboration. Discover what's new:
Track Current Page URL With Growth Widgets
We've enhanced our Growth Widgets for WhatsApp, Viber and Email Channels. Now, you can include the current page URL in the pre-filled text. This helps to enhance the context of your conversations and makes understanding customer queries easier.
Learn more here.
Increased Number of Teams for Enterprise Plan
Organizations on the Enterprise plan will now have the capability to create up to 200 teams, doubling the previous limit.
Learn more here.
Focused View on Ongoing Workflows in Messages Module
To streamline the navigation and management of workflows in the messages module, we've updated the view for the workflows icon. Now, when you click on it, you'll only see ongoing workflows. This simplifies the view, making it easier to focus on and manage active workflows.
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Expanded Language Support for Field Names
We have expanded language support for field names across the platform. You can now use non-alphanumeric characters, including emojis, in several essential fields. Fields now supporting a broader range of characters include:
Team Name, Snippet Name, Inbox Name
Segment Name.
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Enhanced Receipt Details for WhatsApp Balance Top-Up
We have improved receipt details for WhatsApp balance top-ups to enhance transparency, making financial documentation more comprehensive and useful for your business. The generated receipts for WhatsApp balance top-ups will now include essential information such as
User's company name
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 6
Click-to-Chat Ads Workflow Enhancements
We've made two significant improvements to enhance your experience with Click-to-Chat (CTC) ads in workflows.
Firstly, you can now select CTC ads in workflow triggers that has multiple destinations, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This enhancement from single-destination CTC ads to multi-destination enhances flexibility in how you engage with your customers.
Secondly, we've introduced a new contact event (Click-to-Chat Ad: Leads Ad). When a user fills up a form on a CTC Ad leading to Messenger or Instagram channel connected to, you'll be able to view the contact's responses to the form questions directly within
image (50)
Enhanced Contact Management with Automatic Duplication Checks
We’ve made enhancements to streamline your contact management. Now, when a contact sends an incoming message, our platform automatically checks for duplicates by matching the phone numbers or email addresses of your existing and manually imported contacts, ensuring that duplicated contacts are not created.
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