We are thrilled to announce the three latest updates to our platform. These features and improvements will take your business messaging experience to new heights. Let's dive into the details:
Create and Edit Segments in the Broadcast Builder
We have listened to your feedback and made it even easier for you to manage Segments. Before, you could only manage them from the Contacts Module. Now, you can effortlessly create new segments directly within the Broadcast Builder itself. No more back and forth between the two Modules!
Need to make adjustments to existing Segments? We've got you covered there too! It’s now possible to edit Segments on the fly while building a broadcast, saving you valuable time. In addition, the new Contact count at the top right of the Segment filter drawer displays the number of Contacts included in each segment.
These improvements will enhance your ability to create and customize Segments for more efficient targeted messaging.
Make Shortcut Form Fields Required
Previously, Users were able to initiate a Shortcut without filling out any fields in the Shortcut Form, which led to the submission of incomplete data. This could sometimes create disruptions when escalating cases or transferring Contact data to other software, as crucial information was missing.
Because we understand the importance of collecting accurate and complete information, we've introduced the ability to mark specific fields in your Shortcut forms as required. Now, you can ensure that Users fill out all the necessary information before proceeding with the Shortcut.
Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 10
This update will make your Workflows become more effective. Say goodbye to incomplete Shortcut initiations and the headache of chasing missing data.
Improved Find a Contact Search Action in Zapier
image (33)
Our commitment to seamless integration with Zapier continues with an exciting update. Previously, you might have encountered a frustrating 404 error when your Zap couldn’t find a Contact. Not anymore!
We've made significant improvements to our Find a Contact Search Action in Zapier. Now, instead of a
contact not found
error, you will receive a response indicating
. This enhancement empowers you to expand your automation capabilities and effortlessly handle scenarios where contacts might be missing from your system. No more roadblocks, just smooth automation at your fingertips.
Pendo _ New Mobile App Announcement Optimized has a new mobile app! 🥳 Get ready for a superior messaging experience that lets you connect with customers anytime and anywhere. Download it now by searching for “ - Inbox” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Update your device software to the latest version (Android 10 and above, iOS 16 and above) for an optimal user experience.
Pendo _ QR Code Visual
This initial release is centered on the agents who rely on to read and respond to messages on every channel. While it has fewer features than the original app, this was a deliberate decision in line with our goal to create the most impactful user experience possible.
For now, you can access your messages, notifications and settings. Let’s run through the features that make the new app fast, reliable, efficient and easy to navigate.
Connect with Customers Anytime and Anywhere
Search, filter
The Messages Module is still our top priority. The app opens directly to this module and displays your Contact list, which changes according to the inbox you select. On this screen, you can create a new Contact and switch inboxes (including Team, Custom and Shared inboxes) via the sidebar, as well as filter, search by Contacts or sort messages to find a Contact or conversation.
The same messaging flexibility and convenience you enjoy on a desktop are available on the app. To chat with a Contact, tap on their name to open a conversation, then send them a message or select another connected channel. Need to collaborate with a teammate? Just tap on the Comment icon in the bottom left corner and tag them in a comment. You can also:
  • Send voice notes or files such as invoices, catalogs or guides
  • Send Snippets or canned responses to answer common inquiries quickly
  • Use Dynamic Variables to personalize your messages
This release isn’t limited to just messaging abilities. In a conversation with a Contact, the navigation bar at the top allows you to edit their profile by tapping on the Contact’s name, start a Workflow by tapping on the Shortcut trigger icon or close the conversation by tapping on the check icon. Click on the Action menu (three dots) to:
  • Close the conversation and add a closing note
  • Assign the Contact to an agent
  • Enable or disable a Dialogflow Bot
  • Select a Shortcut to initiate a relevant Workflow
  • Snooze the conversation to temporarily exclude the Contact from the Contact list
  • View or edit the Contact’s details
In other words, you can deliver the same customer experience on the go without compromises.
Stay Up-to-date with Real-Time Notifications
The Notification Center is all about ease and accessibility, centralizing all notifications so you can keep up to date at a glance. Your notifications are organized into three categories:
  • New
    : All unread and unarchived notifications will be displayed here.
  • Archived
    : All archived notifications will be displayed here.
  • All
    : Both archived and unarchived notifications will be displayed here.
You can even treat the Notification Center as a task list: Archive notifications that don’t require action so it is clutter-free and only contains items you need to follow up on.
Configure your Personal Settings and Change Workspaces
photo_2023-05-09 14
We’ve kept the Settings menu to the bare minimum with a focus on your personal settings. You can view and update your basic settings, such as your:
  • User profile, namely your profile photo and name
  • Status, which you can set to Busy or Active
  • Workspace, if you belong to more than one Workspace
  • Mobile notifications, to manage how often you want to receive your notifications
  • Password
Find all the details you need about the mobile app in the Help Center. As this is just the initial release, expect more features to be launched in the near future or request for them. If you need to access additional features in the meantime, use via the web browser on your phone or desktop.
If you encounter any issues while using the new mobile app, please report them so that we can improve your user experience or contact our support team with any inquiries. We’re here to help and are committed to making the transition to the new app as seamless as possible.
: If you want to create a new account, sign up for a account on desktop to get started.
We're excited to introduce the latest update to our onboarding experience, designed to provide a more personalized journey from the moment you join
When signing up, you can see businesses in your region that are already benefiting from Read their testimonials and draw inspiration from the possibilities that can be achieved with
This improved onboarding also gives you a more relevant channel guide based on your needs. You can quickly connect your desired channels and start messaging your customers or making the most of our features.
Check it out by signing up for a new account. For inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our support team.
We are happy to announce that you can now seamlessly migrate your WhatsApp account from other BSPs to’s WhatsApp Business API for enhanced reliability, cost savings and the the latest features by Meta - all with zero downtime. Let’s look at the details.
Benefits of Migrating to WhatsApp Business API
Here’s why you should migrate to
  • Support for the latest features of WhatsApp Business API
  • Reliable WhatsApp service and fast message delivery with no interruptions
  • Lower costs and transparent charges
  • Zero impact on your Workflows and broadcasts while migrating to is an official WhatsApp partner and provides direct access to Meta’s cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business API. This means you get instant access to new features, security updates and more by Meta, as well as fast and reliable message delivery.
Some BSPs, such as 360dialog, only provides the WhatsApp API without a messaging inbox and charges you a monthly license fee for the WhatsApp API. On the other hand, provides users with an omnichannel inbox and doesn’t impose any fees for WhatsApp API, so you only pay your WhatsApp conversation charges. These charges can be managed in’s WhatsApp Fees Module for transparency and convenience.
In fact, migrating your WhatsApp account to allows you to manage your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and all conversations from a single platform. This includes creating and submitting Message Templates for approval, assistance in applying for WhatsApp Business verification, and direct access to Meta’s support team.
Furthermore, the migration process is seamless and won't disrupt your existing Workflows or broadcasts, so you can experience the full benefits of without any hassle.
How to Migrate to WhatsApp Business API
Migrating your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to is quick and easy. The prerequisites for migrating your phone number are:
  • You need to disable two-step verification in your META Business Manager page settings
  • You need to have an admin access role for a Facebook account
  • You need to have enough slots in your Meta business account to add additional WhatsApp Business Accounts and phone numbers.
If you meet these conditions, follow these steps to make the switch:
Untitled (1)
  1. Click on the 
    Migrate Now
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account. Then, create a new WABA or select an existing WABA as your migration destination.
  3. Provide the phone number and select the WhatsApp channel you want to migrate, if you have one connected.
  4. Verify ownership of the phone number to complete the migration process.
Congratulations! You have successfully migrated your WABA to
What will be Migrated from Your Other BSP WhatsApp Account
Upon successful migration to, the following will be transferred from any other WhatsApp BSP account:
  • Display name
  • Quality rating
  • Messaging limits
  • Official Business Account status
  • All previously approved high-quality message templates
Please note that the following will not be transferred from your 360dialog account:
  • Low-quality, rejected, or pending message templates.
Trial in Business
We are thrilled to announce the upgrade of our free trial from the Team plan to the Business plan! Now, you can enjoy a host of premium features and unleash’s full potential from the get-go. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:
  • Amplified User, MAC, Workflow limits and more:
    Add more users to the platform, engage with more contacts, expand your automation capabilities and elevate your business to new heights.
  • Expanded feature set including webhooks, Developer API and custom channels:
    Get access to a variety of advanced features to streamline operations, enhance productivity and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Advanced insights for workload and conversation tracking:
    Gain more in-depth reports and analytics to better understand your customer base, measure agent and campaign performances, and make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward.
With the free trial of the Business plan, you'll have the opportunity to test out advanced functionalities and understand how these features can effectively address your specific business problems and meet your unique needs.
To take advantage of the Business plan free trial, simply sign up for a new account. For inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our support team.
We’ve updated the Reports Module with new and important metrics and features to help you gain deeper insights into your Workspace. Let’s dive in.
More Detailed Insights at Glance
Every company has its own way of calculating performance. To reflect this, the Reports Module has been upgraded to offer more comprehensive details and a customizable approach to measuring performance.
To provide companies with more insightful and tailored metrics, we have enhanced data precision with additional tabs and filters, and our improved charts and tables effectively convey complex data. You can now perform in-depth analyses of the following:
  • Conversation volume and traffic
  • Response and resolution times
  • Messages sent and received
  • Contact assignment
  • Contact addition, connection, deletion and merge
  • Broadcast performance
We are confident that these will empower you to make more informed decisions and optimize your Workspace for better results.
Measure Performance Based On Assignment Time
Previously, the Reports Module measured response and resolution time according to how long agents took to respond to customer messages. However, for businesses that don’t operate 24/7, messages received outside business hours skewed these metrics. We're excited to introduce new metrics that allow you to measure performance based on first or last assignment time.
Look out for the following graphs in the Responses and Resolutions Module:
Average First Assignment to First Response Time
This metric excludes the time the Contact assignment took, counting only the average time agents take to send the first response once they’ve been assigned.
Average First Assignment to Close Time
This metric excludes the time the Contact assignment took, counting only the average time agents take to resolve a conversation once they’ve been assigned.
Average Last Assignment to Response Time
This metric is useful to measure how long the last agent took to send a first response to the conversation that had been escalated or rerouted.
Average Last Assignment to Close Time
This metric is useful to measure how long the last agent took to resolve a conversation that had been escalated or rerouted.
The Breakdown tables on the right can be used to identify trends in assignment, response and resolution times to fulfill Service Level Agreements and spot areas for improvement.
Improved User Performance Reports
While it was previously possible to gauge user performance by metrics such as closed conversations and average resolution time, we wanted to provide businesses with more tools to better track and optimize efficiency.
Loaded with multiple intuitive graphs, the Leaderboard tab and Users tab offers a more detailed view into individual and team performance. What’s better, you can now compare performance among team members or teams to identify top or weak performers.
Advanced Filtering Options
Notice the new and improved filtering options in the Reports Module? Now you'll find a wide range of filters added to each tab, which will allow you to perform more in-depth analyses of your Workspace. These filters will help you segment data based on specific criteria such as channels, teams, conversation categories, assignments, and more. Spotting trends and issues in your operations has never been this easy with!
New Broadcast Analytics Tab
Our old Reports Module did not include broadcast analytics. By popular demand, here’s the new Broadcast tab! Now, you can measure the performance and impact of your campaigns more effectively.
Here you can find out the total number of broadcast recipients as well as the read rates. You can also view the number of and failed broadcasts, total messages sent and the delivery status of your broadcast messages: Sent, delivered, read and failed.
Breaking down broadcast analytics to a message level is possible too. In the Messages tab, click on
Add Filter
and search for
Broadcast Name
. This filter lets you identify specific Contacts who have received or failed to receive your message in the selected broacast, as well as the delivery status of your message for each Contact.
Note: Certain new graphs and tables presented are only applicable to new data collected from the launch date onwards.
Does the new Module spark your enthusiasm? To find out more about the new Reports Module, visit our Help Center. This feature is only available for Business plan users and above. Upgrade now to start using the new Reports Module!
Last but not least, as part of this release, we have made enhancements to the notification preference feature. You can access it by going to Settings > Notification Preference. Explore the newest functionality now available in both Desktop and Mobile Push Notifications, allowing you to receive notifications for assigned contacts, unassigned contacts, and mentions!
You wanted better phone number and email address handling, and we delivered 💪. We’ve enhanced phone number validation, error handling and formatting capabilities for phone numbers used across the platform, including in contact imports, API, Workflows, Dialogflow, Zapier and more.
Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 10
A New Standard for Phone Number Formats now formats and stores all phone numbers according to the E.164 international phone number standard. This format comprises the (+) sign, country code and subscriber number.
You can input phone numbers in any format, including with spaces or the (-) sign. As long as the country code is provided, the phone number will be accepted, formatted according to the E.164 standard and stored on the platform.
New phone numbers without a country code will be deemed invalid and can’t be stored.
This update will sanitize all existing phone numbers in your contact database. Special characters will be removed and the (+) sign will be added to the start of all phone numbers. However, existing phone numbers without a country code are deemed invalid.
To address this, update your contact list with phone numbers in the correct format through Zapier, APIs or Contact Import.
If you opt to bulk update your contacts via Contact Import, note that you should not use phone numbers as an identifier as invalid phone number formats will not be recognized and will cause the update to fail. Instead, use email or Contact ID as identifiers to update your contacts’ phone numbers. This will give you a clean contact database moving forward.
Email Addresses are Now Case-Insensitive
Previously, email addresses were case-sensitive. If the same email address with different capitalizations (eg vs was imported or added via API, the email address was not recognized. Each version was considered unique and a new contact would be created for each email address.
Now, email addresses are case-insensitive so the same email address will be recognized no matter how it’s formatted during contact imports or API updates. For consistency, email address formats have been standardized and will be stored in lowercase on
Reduced Contact Duplication
As a result of these updates, contact duplication occurrences will be reduced. Contact profiles with the same phone number in different formats (e.g one with a “+” sign and one without) will be identified as a single contact.
Your contact database might have duplicate contacts with the same phone number in different formats. Fret not; you will start seeing merge suggestions for these contacts. Do review these suggestions and merge the contacts to unify their profiles for a clean database.
This release also features a bugfix related to phone number identifiers:
  • The bug that duplicates contacts when a contact replies on WhatsApp Cloud API has been fixed. Contacts will be recognized regardless of whether their phone number has a (+) sign or not.
We are proud to announce that is now a verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)! 🎉 uses WhatsApp Cloud API, the cloud-hosted version of WhatsApp Business API. Our partnership with Meta allows you to integrate WhatsApp directly via It’s quick and easy as you’ll no longer need a Facebook Developer Account to set up WhatsApp Cloud API.
Managing your WhatsApp channels on our platform will also be easier than ever.
BSP (1)
With free, robust, secure and reliable resources from Meta, you can scale your business messaging effortlessly. The WhatsApp Business API will also enable you to:
  • Get the WhatsApp quality rating and verified status for your business number
  • Sync and submit WhatsApp template messages
  • Sync and update your WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Automate processes with’s Workflows automation
  • Integrate Dialogflow to automate conversations
And more!
New Module - WhatsApp Fees
Once you’ve connected the WhatsApp Business API ( WA BSP), a new module will appear in your account.
The WhatsApp Fees Module will allow you to manage your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) balance directly from The WABA Current balance is used to pay the WhatsApp conversation charges for the associated WhatsApp Channels. Ensure your balance is sufficient to cover the month’s charges for continuous operations.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 5
You can top up your WABA balance manually or configure an auto-recharge for automatic top-ups when it falls below a specified threshold. Alternatively, configure a balance alert to notify you when your balance is running low.
At the start of every month, the total usage of the previous month will be updated in the
Usage History
The WhatsApp Fees Module can be found under
Settings > Organization Settings
Switch to the WhatsApp Business API today for stable and reliable WABA service and to truly centralize your business messaging on one platform. Learn more about the WhatsApp Business API and how to connect it here.
We’re excited to introduce stickers on! Stickers are a popular medium of expression among customers. The inability to receive them prevents businesses from acknowledging customers who start a conversation with a sticker or understanding customers’ emotions during chats.
To help you engage with leads and build strong customer relationships, now supports the receiving of
static and animated stickers
from the following popular channels:
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp Cloud API
  • WhatsApp 360dialog
  • WhatsApp MessageBird
  • WhatsApp Twilio
  • LINE
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
plan users and above, we have also updated our
Incoming Webhook Events
to include
as a new incoming message type so you can be notified when customers send you stickers.
Additionally, we have enabled the use of stickers as an incoming message trigger in
Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 11
We hope that these new features enhance your experience and help you better connect with your contacts. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
guide-media-2397e008-0103-463d-ac64-fa6b04e6a63b’s Broadcast Module gets a comprehensive revamp! Check out the host of improvements and new features that will make sending broadcasts even easier and elevate your messaging strategy.
Target Contacts More Effectively
Segment Contacts Based on Contact Fields, Tags or Conditions
The standout feature of the revamped Broadcast Module is Contact Segment, which allows you to create segments based on Contact Fields, Tags or conditions. This new capability lets you easily and precisely define a target audience for each broadcast.
Defining conditions for each Segment also means Contacts will automatically enter or exit a segment depending on their condition fulfillment! Refer to this guide to create a segment in the Contacts Module now.
Improve Reach by Broadcasting to Contacts’ Last Interacted Channel
Don’t limit broadcasts to channels your Contacts may not be as active on or risk spamming them by sending duplicate messages across channels to gain their attention.
Feb-23-2023 09-49-22
Instead, broadcast messages to the last channel a Contact interacted with. This increases the visibility and potential engagement rates of your broadcasts.
You can also send unique content for each channel according to its supported capabilities — such as images, emojis, Facebook Message tags or WhatsApp template messages — and exclude specific channels from the broadcast if you like.
More Flexibility in Creating and Sending Broadcasts
Save Broadcasts as Drafts
Need to tweak your broadcast or audience targeting? Instead of deleting a broadcast and rebuilding it from scratch with the right content and settings, you can now simply edit it.
With the new release, broadcasts are created in draft status by default and will remain there until you schedule or send them. This allows you to make changes or reschedule broadcasts up until the last minute.
View All Details about a Broadcast at a Glance in the New Broadcast Builder
The all-new broadcast builder lets you configure a broadcast across multiple channels simultaneously, preview each message and send test broadcasts.
In the Target Audience section of the builder, you can also view the estimated number of messages that will be sent across channels and the number of recipients who will receive the broadcast.
It will even detail the number of target audiences who fulfill the Segment criteria but are excluded as they are not present on the selected channels to aid decision-making about channel choices.
Customize Broadcast Send Rate
Perhaps you want to control your broadcast send rate so your bulk messages are delivered faster or slower than usual.
Feb-23-2023 09-55-15
Now, you can customize the send rate to broadcast messages at the rate that works best for your business.
Note that this is an add-on feature, so please contact our sales team to learn more.
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