Build Automation More Intuitively with These Workflow Improvements
We’ve enhanced the way you build automation with improvements to the Workflows Module. 🥳 Creating the automation you need is now faster and easier than ever. Let’s go through the new features and changes.
Workflow Templates
No more staring at a blank canvas trying to build a Workflow from scratch. In the Workflows Module, open the dropdown next to the
Add Workflow
button and select
Browse Templates
Workflow Template WF
Pick a template that best matches your business use case. Some templates comprise ready-made Workflows that can be used instantly while others might require minor configurations.
New templates will be added over time to address more use cases.
Workflow Export and Import
We know how tedious it can be to recreate the same Workflow in another Workspace or even in different Organizations you have on
Export and Import W
This will no longer be the case.🎉 Now, you can export and import Workflows for use in any of your Workspaces with ease.
Duplicate Workflow Steps
On a similar note as above, Step duplication is now possible.💪 Hover over a Step you’d like to duplicate and click on the Copy icon. Then click on the node you’d like to paste the Step in and select Paste.
Duplicate WF
Do note that duplicating a Branch Step will duplicate the Branch conditions, but not the Steps beneath it.
Undo and Redo
Tired of reconfiguring a complex Step from scratch if you’ve accidentally deleted it? We hear you.
Undo and Redo W
Look out for the new Undo and Redo functions on the left of the Workflow builder canvas. The Undo function will undo the last Branch condition you configured, Step you added or an accidental deletion. To reverse an undone action, simply click Redo.
Move Step with Branches
Previously, a Branch with Steps beneath it could not be moved. We’ve improved this so you can now move a Branch Step, as well as all its attached Steps.
Move branch W
Reorder Branches
Our original Branch Step did not allow Branch sequences to be adjusted after configuration. If the branches had been arranged in the wrong priority, you would have to delete all the Branches within the Step and start again to configure the sequence correctly.
Reorder branch W
Now, you can simply drag the Branch up or down in the configuration drawer to reorder the sequence.
Edit branch name W
To make Branch management even easier, you can also rename Branches for the first time.
Reorder Shortcut Form Fields
Similar to the original limitations in the Branch Step, creating a Shortcut Form used to be a chore as the Form’s Fields could not be rearranged in sequence.
Reorder Shortcut W
This is no longer the case. Just drag the Fields up and down in the configuration drawer to arrange them in your desired sequence.
WhatsApp Cloud API Now Available on
WhatsApp Cloud API is now available as a channel on 🙌🏻 
cloud api
Instead of going through a Business Service Provider (BSP), Cloud API lets you create a WhatsApp API account directly with Meta. It is hosted by Meta’s servers in the cloud and allows you to scale your business messaging without the costs associated with BSPs or hosting your own servers.
clpoud api
The functionalities supported for this channel include:
  • Dialogflow
  • Broadcast
  • Workflows
  • Sync and update WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Sync and submit WhatsApp template message
  • Get the quality rating and verified status for your business number
Learn more about WhatsApp Cloud API and how to sign up for an account here.
Hablamos Español 🎉
Hola a todos! Backed by popular demand, the platform is now available in Spanish. Users can switch to Spanish now by going to Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language. 🇪🇸
Language localization extends to platform-related emails, such as Contact or MAC limit alerts and payment pending notifications.
Newly invited Users will receive their invitation email based on the preferred language of the inviter. New Users can select their preferred language before creating an account by clicking on the top-right dropdown at the sign-up page.
Localizing the platform in Spanish means we can now work on doing the same for other languages! So start 🏁 upvoting or add your preferred language here as we will prioritize this according to demand in upcoming releases.
Gracias por todo!
Import Contacts with Greater Flexibility and Accuracy
import startedd
User feedback never falls on deaf ears at You wanted better control over contact imports, like the ability to update specific information for a group of contacts among others. 📢 We heard you and are pleased to announce an all-new Contact Import 🎉
Let's go through the new three-step process.
We now cover all use cases! When you upload a CSV file for the import, choose your desired action:
  • Add New Contacts Only. This adds only new Contacts in the file without duplicating existing Contacts in your Workspace.
  • Update Existing Contacts Only. This updates existing Contacts without adding new Contacts.
  • Add and Update Contacts. This updates existing contacts identified in the file and adds new Contacts.
  • Add All Contacts Despite Duplicates. This adds all Contacts in the CSV file to your Workspace.
To distinguish between existing and new Contacts, define an identifier, such as an email address or a phone number. Each of these unique values represents an individual Contact in your Workspace.
You can also add one or more tags to the imported Contacts. An optional default tag is offered to identify the import batch.
add tags delete tags
Confirm which column values should be imported to which Contact Fields. You can even unselect columns that you don’t wish to import.
If you select Update Existing Contacts or Add and Update Contacts, a Do Not Overwrite option appears here. This lets you determine if you would like the value in the CSV file to overwrite the existing value in the contact field, or if existing tags should be removed and replaced by new tags in the file.
Check the Do Not Overwrite box if you would like the field to only be updated if it’s currently empty, or to add new tags without removing existing tags.
do not overwrite
View the number of Contacts that will be added and updated after the import or skipped due to errors. You can download the error file, fix the errors and upload the file with all the correct information and formats for import.
import startedd
You will receive notifications via email and the platform’s notification center when the import job is complete.
From start to finish, the new Contact Import is a massive improvement on the original with far greater flexibility. And that’s not all.
A handy resource is the new Data Import page (Settings > Data Import), where you can import Contacts and check the progress of import jobs.
[New] Add Contact from Message Module
add contact giff
Finally, agents now have the power to add Contacts themselves from the Messages Module, freeing up Managers for bigger-picture tasks.
Conversations are no longer Unassigned when Closed
Big shoutout to our users who wrote in for an option to no longer unassign contacts when conversations are closed. 📢 We are pumped to announce that we've added a new feature to enable this in all our existing Workspaces!
To implement this new behavior, go to Workspace Settings > General and switch off the new toggle so conversations will remain assigned when closed.
We encourage all existing Workspaces to switch off the toggle and migrate to the new behavior as the old behavior (to automatically unassign conversations) will be deprecated in due time. 🙇
For all new Workspaces, the new behavior applies by default.
If you want conversations to be automatically unassigned when they are closed, head over 🏃🏻‍♂️ to Workflows and take advantage of the Unassign action within the Assign To step.
Dont unassign
[New] Unassign Contacts in the Messages Module
Next, we have also added an option for users to unassign contacts from the Messages Module. When applied to open conversations, this will move the conversation to the Unassigned Inbox. 📨
This means that agents can now unassign conversations they can’t handle instead of passing them off to someone else.
Don't worry, managers, you have full visibility over these actions! Unassignments, whether by users or Workflows, are recorded as contact events and can be viewed in the Contact Activity tab for easy tracking. 👀
That's all folks!
New Plans, New Prices and more Intuitive Changes!
Hey folks, it’s been a while since we’ve released any major changes to our platform. You know that means we’ve been cooking up something big! 🥳
This time around, we’re revising our pricing structure and subscription plans to reflect upgrades to our solution over the last four years and ensure the best value for your business. This will also help fund more great features coming your way and enable us to continue providing you with exceptional service.
Pro and Business Plans Get an Upgrade
The former Pro plan has been revamped! Now known as the Team plan, it offers more Workflows and the Shortcut Trigger, a nifty feature that allows agents to initiate a selected Workflow from the Messages Module itself. Meanwhile, Business plan users can enjoy additional Workflows and access to the HTTP Request Step and custom channels, previously reserved for Enterprise users.
📢 We have also launched a new billing cycle that allows you to save up to 20% in subscription fees! The Annual plan guarantees lower monthly costs, no matter which plan you’re on. Subscribe or change to the annual plan now for great savings 💪
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 9
14-Day Trial of Team Plan Replaces the Free Plan
It’s time to up your game. We’re replacing the Free plan with a 14-day trial of the Team plan and full access to all its premium features
This way you get the full experience before deciding if this is the platform for you.
No More Contacts Limit!
It took time, but we have finally figured out a key-value metric that makes the most sense for you. We’re replacing our Total Contacts Limit with a
Monthly Active Contacts (MAC)
pricing model. MACs are contacts who have sent or received a message (excluding broadcasts) over the billing month. This means you never have to worry about the Total Contacts Limit anymore, plus:
  • You won’t pay for the contacts you don’t speak to
  • You don’t have to delete contacts and lose their conversation history
  • Your pricing will scale with the number of contacts you actually talk to
Some months are busier than others. If you’ve spoken to more contacts than usual and went over your MAC limit that month, simply pay the MAC Overcharges at the end of your billing month. The MAC Overcharges are $10 per block of 100 Contacts over your MAC limit.
You may view your MACs usage details on your Billing & Usage page. Alternatively, just click your Profile icon on the left navigation bar for a quick check of your usage.
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 6
New Module - Billing & Usage
Next, we merged the Billing Module with the Usage Module for a comprehensive and holistic view of your subscription plan. It also provides a more seamless experience for managing your plan and billing information.
Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 8
In line with the new MAC pricing model, we have also introduced a new section under the Billing & Usage Module: The “MAC over time” graph. This lets you observe the trend of your MAC usage over selected billing cycles.
Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 6
If you notice that your MACs have been growing rapidly, it’s time to upgrade your subscription! You may refer to the documentation for more details.
[v8.3] New Shortcuts Feature, More Variables and Workflows Conditions, and tons of tweaks and improvements!
cover gif
This time around we have a fast release with several valuable improvements. You’re going to be thrilled about our headlining feature: Shortcuts!
So, what is a Shortcut and what can you do with one?
[New] Shortcuts
A Shortcut is a Workflow that has been created with the newly-introduced Shortcut trigger. It can be initiated in the Messages Modules, allowing platform users to launch Workflows during conversations with Contacts without leaving the module.
edit name upload
When creating a Workflow with ‘Shortcut’ set as a trigger, provide a name and description for each Shortcut, as well as personalize them with icons. All the provided information will be displayed in the Shortcut menu so you can quickly distinguish between Shortcuts and their purposes to select your desired Workflow.
Sounds cool? That’s just a fraction of what you can do with this feature. For instance, you can create customizable Shortcut forms that are prompted whenever the Shortcut is triggered. Users can input data or comments that will be reflected in the Workflow. Use custom fields in the forms to obtain everything from Order IDs to reasons for refunds or product exchanges.
shortcut form prompt
Can you imagine how powerful and flexible Shortcuts is? You can build an escalation process for agents, a refund process for customers, and so much more.
As it’s such an advanced feature, perhaps you want Shortcuts access to be restricted only for use by Managers and Owners. We’ve got you covered with advanced restriction settings in the Workspace User Settings that allow you to disable the Shortcuts button for Agents.
The Shortcuts feature is only available for
Business Plan
users and above.
A host of other exciting additions across the platform also await. Let’s look at another new feature.
[New] Trigger Variables for Conversation Closed Trigger
Say you want to regularly send Conversation data to your own data warehouse. Exporting data manually from Reports module is awfully time-consuming. To ease your workload, you can now use trigger variables!
Trigger variables are variables that are tied to a specific trigger. In this case, we’ve added them to the Conversation Closed trigger.
trigger variables
Here is a list of trigger variables that are now available for the Closed Conversation trigger. They reflect data related to the conversation that has been closed.
Read more about trigger variables here.
[New] Workflow Branch Conditions - Time Since Last Outgoing Message and Assignee Status
When you log in feature requests, you aren’t just sending out wishes into a void. We hear you, and we act on them! You wanted more branch conditions and we are delivering.
Similar to the Time Since Last Incoming Message condition, we now have a Time Since Last Outgoing Message option. You can incorporate this into a Workflow to create an action based on the time since you last sent a message to a Contact.
new branch
Another request was for an Assignee Status branch condition, so you can create different actions for Contacts depending on the status of the agents they have been assigned to (Online, Busy or Offline). Talk about fine attention to detail for customer care.
[Improved] Website Chat - Identify Logged-In User
We’ve made a major improvement to our Website Chat that’s going to make customer conversations on the channel more seamless than ever.
Users who are logged in to your platform and message you on the embedded Website Chat will no longer have to fill up a pre-chat form. Instead, they can be instantly identified by their user details. Read more about this here.
Here are some minor but mighty tweaks we’ve made across the platform:
Upgraded Vonage Messages API Version 1.0
Good news for Vonage users! Vonage has finally released a new version of WhatsApp API, which means it will support WhatsApp Interactive Messages. Use interactive features like Lists and Quick Reply buttons in messages to your Vonage contacts.
New assignee variable: $
You can now also refer to an assignee team, instead of only individual team members. The value of the $ variable is the name of the assignee’s team.
Enhanced connection to other email providers
We now accept non-emails as usernames for an SMTP server. You can now connect to other email service providers such as Mailjet, Mailgun and so on.
Enhanced team member drop-down in Add Team/ Edit Team dialog
We used to list users without grouping them by teams, with no way to know which team anyone belonged to. Identifying teams and their members is now a breeze with the new presentation.
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 2
Sound notifications for New Contact assigned to me
Yes, we have worked on this! If a Contact is assigned to you manually or automatically via Workflows, you will now receive a sound notification.
And many more:
  • Standardized the time format in the Reports Module to HH:MM:SS
  • Conversation events in the message window of the Messages Module are more subtly displayed now
  • Two more operators have been added to fields that use multi-value operators. The operators ‘Exist’ and ‘Does not Exist’ are now supported in the Tag filter in both Workflows and Custom Inboxes.
  • Descriptions have been added to all Workflow Triggers
  • Automations and Surveys have been deprecated. Do note that all scheduled Broadcasts that contain Surveys will not be sent as the contents are no longer supported.
[v8.2] Redesigned Messages Module, New Custom Channel Integration, and more new features and fixes!
Drum roll..... for the first release of the year! 🎉
We’ve made tons of improvements on the platform, especially in the Messages Module. We have also completed a long-awaited feature that you’re going to love...
New Design and Features in the Messages Module
To welcome 2022 in style, we’ve redesigned one of your most frequently visited pages — the Messages Module 💬
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 9
Let’s start with a quick tour of the new UI. First, we’ve built a collapsible Inbox panel on the left for you to access all your inboxes with a single click. Here you’ll find the new Team Inbox and an improved Custom Inbox with configurable access levels, designed to reduce noise for agents and ease supervision for Managers 😍
We’re also introducing more nuanced views of your Contact list with increased filtering and sorting options. And have you noticed that Contact profiles now have new avatars?
In short, the fresh layout of the Messages Module lets you do more with less effort than ever 😎 Check out more details on the highlight features of this new design ⬇️
[NEW] Team Inbox
Teamwork makes the dream work 🙌  We’ve enhanced your collective working experience by introducing Team Inboxes. Whenever a new team is created, a corresponding inbox will be added and all the Contacts assigned to team users will be listed in it for easy reference. Talk about leveling up your team’s game.
[IMPROVED] Custom Inbox
Another change is the renaming of “Views” to “Custom Inbox” to reflect the enhanced usability of this function. Advanced filtering capabilities give you complete control over how you see your messages. It even allows for nested conditions, so you can specify exactly which conversations pop up in your inbox 🤯  Tailor it to your needs, whether it’s to supervise new agents or monitor interactions with high-value Contacts. Owners, Managers and Agents can create their own Custom Inboxes, though only the first two can share them. How’s that for operational efficiency?
[NEW] New Message Indicator & Open Conversation Count
Are you seeing a little blue dot 🔵 next to one of your inboxes? That means it’s time to check your messages. We know firsthand the importance of responding to customers in a timely manner — that’s what we’re all about! The New Message Indicator alerts you about incoming messages in real-time while our Open Conversation Count (the numerals by the side) lets you view at a glance the total number of open conversations in each inbox. This helps you know which inbox requires immediate or extra attention.
That’s it for the home tour. It’s time to invite your guests in and show them what you can do now 🥳
[NEW] Custom Channel
Enterprise Plan
users are in for a special treat: Integration with any — yes, any — third-party messaging channel is now possible 🎉 Our brand-new Custom Channel feature allows you to integrate any messaging channel with, so you truly can handle all conversations on a single platform. All you need is a Custom Integration Server to translate messages to’s format and voila, it will work like any natively integrated channel.
Here’s a visual to give you an idea of the message flow:
Learn more about Custom Channel here!
What can we say, being an
user has definite perks!
[New] Relative Time for Date Operators
You wanted to know the elapsed time since an incoming message was received. We heard you loud and clear 👍  In addition to absolute time, date operators also now support relative time, applicable to all date-type custom fields. The new date operators are: “is greater than X time ago”, “is less than X time ago” and “is between X and Y time ago”. This means you can now create Workflows branch conditions such as “Time since last incoming message is greater than X seconds/minutes/hours/days ago” and build a Workflow that automatically closes conversations after a certain amount of time, for instance. You could also apply these operators in other modules to filter how you view messages or Contacts.
[New] New Send WhatsApp Message Template Icon
Judging by the demand, this is going to be popular! Previously, the WhatsApp Message Template option was only available after a messaging window closes. It’s now a permanent feature and is available even during conversations. Simply click on the WhatsApp Message Template icon at the bottom of the message composer and select the desired template 💬  This is the messaging shorthand you’ve been waiting for.
5Template message
[New] System Variables
We have introduced a new type of dynamic variables - system variables! These include:
You can apply these the same way as all other variables. Here’s one important use case to consider: Add any of these as a Column Mapping value in the Add Google Sheet Row step in Workflows. It would serve as a timestamp when new Google Sheet Rows are added so you’re always on top of what happened and when.
As always, we don’t let the little things slide.
A few small improvements and some bug fixes...
  • You can now add new Contacts via the mobile app
  • The odd line break issue on the mobile app has been solved
  • You can now view more results per page (5, 25, 50, 100) in your Reports’ table
  • The incorrect Field IDs shown in the Contact Fields’ Settings have been corrected
[v8.1] New Navigation Design, New Workflows Steps- Add Google Sheets Row & HTTP Request and more!
navigation redesign
Notice anything new about the navigation bar? Well spotted if yes! We’ve redesigned our platform for a more intuitive navigation experience. Let's zip through the changes we’ve made:
Navigation Menu
First, you’ll see that we have moved all modules to the side navigation bar. Instead of trying to remember where the different modules are parked, they are now handily gathered in a single panel for easy browsing.
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 1
You’ll also notice that only the most important and frequently used modules are listed in the navigation bar. Fret not if you don’t immediately see modules such as Snippets and Files - these have been moved under Workspace Settings.
[New] Shortcuts at the User Menu
At the bottom of the navigation bar are your profile avatar, the notification center and the help button. Click on your avatar to open the user menu. Here, we have introduced a couple of shortcuts for you:
Set myself as Busy/Online - Click to change your status from Online to Busy or vice versa
Notifications - Click to view and manage your notification settings
Billing - A shortcut to the billing page for subscription payments
set myself busy
[IMPROVED] Unified Settings Module
Next, we now have a unified Settings Module for you to manage your Workspaces, Organization and Personal Settings. Talk about a time-saver!
Depending on your access level for Workspaces and Organization features, you will be able to view different settings here.
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 2
[NEW] Usage page in Organization Settings
Always struggling to figure out how many Contacts, Users, Workspaces or Workflows you have used or have left? Check out the all-new Usage page where you can review your plan limit and your organization’s current usage of the four modules. Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Usage for a look.
usage page
[IMPROVED] Message Composer
Included in the improved design of the message composer are two new icons. In addition to typing "/" to search for Snippets or "$" for dynamic variables, you can now also select either from the toolbar.
message compose
So is this update only about redesigns? Of course not!
Hands down the most exciting part of this release are two new - and really cool - steps for Workflows!
[NEW] Workflow Step: Add Google Sheets Row
Google Sheet
Survey module being deprecated in Q1 2022? Relax, we’ve got your back. We are introducing a great way for you to store responses from contacts with a Google Sheets integration.
You can now use variables to save all Contact details added to Workflows in Google Sheets. Even more powerful is the fact that formulas are supported! Write them where necessary in the configuration and Google Sheets will automatically calculate the results.
[NEW] Workflow Step: HTTP Request
This is definitely one of the most anticipated Workflows steps we’ve ever launched! After receiving numerous feature requests for automated HTTP requests, we made sure to deliver. You can now make HTTP requests to external APIs and save the responses as variables in Workflows. You can even define the header and body of your HTTP request to make sure the receiver will be able to decode it correctly.
Of course, some of these updates come at a price. The availability of the two new steps depends on your plan.
Add Google Sheets Row
- Available for
Business plan and Enterprise plan
users only
HTTP Request
- Exclusively available for
Enterprise plan
That’s not all! We pay attention to the finer details. Here are some small improvements we have made across the platform:
[NEW] More dynamic variables
Check out our new set of dynamic variables for assignees. One of the powerful use cases for this is sending messages with Workflows after a Contact is assigned. For instance, you can automate sending a
"You are assigned to $"
message to keep Contacts updated. Read about more assignee variables here.
There’s also a new contact variable - $, to identify or use contact IDs where necessary.
IMPORTANT: To use variables across the whole platform, use
instead of “@”.
[NEW] Data Export for Users
You can now also export user data from the Users page under Workspace Settings.
user setting data
and some bug fixes...
  • URLs without http/https can now be saved in custom fields
  • Workflows: The trigger failure of steps following Assign To steps has been fixed
  • Messages: Conversation Open by Workflow event is now displayed in the Messages Module
[v8.0] Workflows (AKA Automation 2.0), WhatsApp Message Template API and more!
Move n drag
It has been a few months since you last heard from us, but our silence has not been in vain. We are now back with the most highly-anticipated feature release of the year: Workflows 🎉
It's a one-stop centre that handles everything from setting Greeting and Away Messages to automation creation and automatic assignments. Excited yet? You will be! Let's go through some of Workflows' highlights.
[NEW] Workflows Module
Yes, Workflows has a dedicated module. You can add, manage and edit your Workflows easily here, as well as have an overview of all automated processes in your space. Current modules such as Automations, Surveys, Greeting Message, Away Message and Automatic Assignment can all be achieved with Workflows. And
means that all the above-mentioned modules will soon be deprecated - but not yet, so don't panic!
Workflow Builder
Instead of creating automation in a form, you can now use a Workflow Builder. The builder provides a map-like view of automated processes, as well as simplifies the building and editing of Workflows with easy drag-and-drop steps.
Moving a step
Interested? Learn more about Workflow Builder here.
Conditional Automation
That's not all. As Contacts have a variety of interaction purposes and needs, you can now create specific branches for different user journeys. Set conditions to direct Contacts to the right branch, and create failsafe branches for those who fall outside the conditions. How's that for a personal touch?
Automatic Assignment
You asked and we delivered. After receiving numerous requests for more automatic assignment options, we made sure those wants would be met in Workflows. Check out the Assign To step, which gives you unrivalled flexibility in assigning Contacts to anyone in the space, specific users, and even users in specific teams - a brand-new feature! You can also use conditions such as channels, tags and custom fields to take Contacts down different branches and assign them to users accordingly. Learn more about Assign To here.
Greeting and Away Messages
Say "hello" or "sorry we missed you" to Contacts easily with Workflows. We're introducing a better way for you to manage Greeting and Away Messages. With a little bit of automation wizardry, combine the Date & Time step that lets you define your business hours with a Send a Message step. Contacts who message you during work hours will be promptly greeted while those who get in touch outside of business hours will be sent an Away Message. There's a spell for that: it's called Expectations Managed!
Send Template Messages via Workflows
You might be wondering if you can lighten your workload even more and send template messages over Workflows. The answer is a resounding yes. In the Send a Message step, check if your chosen channel supports a template message. If it does, you've hit messaging gold.
message template
Wait Step
Wait, what? What's wait? Let's say you want to schedule a message to be sent after a certain amount of time. There's now a step for that: the Wait step. Slip it in between a sequence of steps and configure the waiting period between both events. This opens doors for things like follow-up messages.
Of course, this comes at a price. The number of Workflows you can create depends on your Plan:
  • Free: 1 Workflow
  • Pro: 3 Workflows
  • Business: 15 Workflows
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Workflows
Want to find out more? Read all about Workflows here. To explore use cases that can be achieved with Workflows, check out this blog post.
Is this release all about Workflows and only about Workflows? Of course not! We have more in store for you.
[NEW] Message Template API
We heard you loud and clear. As requested, you can now send WhatsApp Template Messages to your WhatsApp contacts on the platform.
What's that you're asking? Does the API support Interactive/Media Message Templates? Aha, you'll have to check out the documentation here for more details!
And some annoying bug fixes...
  • You can now click on URLs included in Template Messages on the Messages Module
  • The Push Notification issue triggered when logging onto the platform via Google is fixed
  • The missing Inline Images in Email has been resolved
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