[v8.1] New Navigation Design, New Workflows Steps- Add Google Sheets Row & HTTP Request and more!
navigation redesign
Notice anything new about the respond.io navigation bar? Well spotted if yes! We’ve redesigned our platform for a more intuitive navigation experience. Let's zip through the changes we’ve made:
Navigation Menu
First, you’ll see that we have moved all modules to the side navigation bar. Instead of trying to remember where the different modules are parked, they are now handily gathered in a single panel for easy browsing.
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 1
You’ll also notice that only the most important and frequently used modules are listed in the navigation bar. Fret not if you don’t immediately see modules such as Snippets and Files - these have been moved under Workspace Settings.
[New] Shortcuts at the User Menu
At the bottom of the navigation bar are your profile avatar, the notification center and the help button. Click on your avatar to open the user menu. Here, we have introduced a couple of shortcuts for you:
Set myself as Busy/Online - Click to change your status from Online to Busy or vice versa
Notifications - Click to view and manage your notification settings
Billing - A shortcut to the billing page for subscription payments
set myself busy
[IMPROVED] Unified Settings Module
Next, we now have a unified Settings Module for you to manage your Workspaces, Organization and Personal Settings. Talk about a time-saver!
Depending on your access level for Workspaces and Organization features, you will be able to view different settings here.
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 2
[NEW] Usage page in Organization Settings
Always struggling to figure out how many Contacts, Users, Workspaces or Workflows you have used or have left? Check out the all-new Usage page where you can review your plan limit and your organization’s current usage of the four modules. Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Usage for a look.
usage page
[IMPROVED] Message Composer
Included in the improved design of the message composer are two new icons. In addition to typing "/" to search for Snippets or "$" for dynamic variables, you can now also select either from the toolbar.
message compose
So is this update only about redesigns? Of course not!
Hands down the most exciting part of this release are two new - and really cool - steps for Workflows!
[NEW] Workflow Step: Add Google Sheets Row
Google Sheet
Survey module being deprecated in Q1 2022? Relax, we’ve got your back. We are introducing a great way for you to store responses from contacts with a Google Sheets integration.
You can now use variables to save all Contact details added to Workflows in Google Sheets. Even more powerful is the fact that formulas are supported! Write them where necessary in the configuration and Google Sheets will automatically calculate the results.
[NEW] Workflow Step: HTTP Request
This is definitely one of the most anticipated Workflows steps we’ve ever launched! After receiving numerous feature requests for automated HTTP requests, we made sure to deliver. You can now make HTTP requests to external APIs and save the responses as variables in Workflows. You can even define the header and body of your HTTP request to make sure the receiver will be able to decode it correctly.
Of course, some of these updates come at a price. The availability of the two new steps depends on your respond.io plan.
Add Google Sheets Row
- Available for
Business plan and Enterprise plan
users only
HTTP Request
- Exclusively available for
Enterprise plan
That’s not all! We pay attention to the finer details. Here are some small improvements we have made across the platform:
[NEW] More dynamic variables
Check out our new set of dynamic variables for assignees. One of the powerful use cases for this is sending messages with Workflows after a Contact is assigned. For instance, you can automate sending a
"You are assigned to $assignee.name"
message to keep Contacts updated. Read about more assignee variables here.
There’s also a new contact variable - $contact.id, to identify or use contact IDs where necessary.
IMPORTANT: To use variables across the whole platform, use
instead of “@”.
[NEW] Data Export for Users
You can now also export user data from the Users page under Workspace Settings.
user setting data
and some bug fixes...
  • URLs without http/https can now be saved in custom fields
  • Workflows: The trigger failure of steps following Assign To steps has been fixed
  • Messages: Conversation Open by Workflow event is now displayed in the Messages Module
[v8.0] Workflows (AKA Automation 2.0), WhatsApp Message Template API and more!
Move n drag
It has been a few months since you last heard from us, but our silence has not been in vain. We are now back with the most highly-anticipated feature release of the year: Workflows 🎉
It's a one-stop centre that handles everything from setting Greeting and Away Messages to automation creation and automatic assignments. Excited yet? You will be! Let's go through some of Workflows' highlights.
[NEW] Workflows Module
Yes, Workflows has a dedicated module. You can add, manage and edit your Workflows easily here, as well as have an overview of all automated processes in your space. Current modules such as Automations, Surveys, Greeting Message, Away Message and Automatic Assignment can all be achieved with Workflows. And
means that all the above-mentioned modules will soon be deprecated - but not yet, so don't panic!
Workflow Builder
Instead of creating automation in a form, you can now use a Workflow Builder. The builder provides a map-like view of automated processes, as well as simplifies the building and editing of Workflows with easy drag-and-drop steps.
Moving a step
Interested? Learn more about Workflow Builder here.
Conditional Automation
That's not all. As Contacts have a variety of interaction purposes and needs, you can now create specific branches for different user journeys. Set conditions to direct Contacts to the right branch, and create failsafe branches for those who fall outside the conditions. How's that for a personal touch?
Automatic Assignment
You asked and we delivered. After receiving numerous requests for more automatic assignment options, we made sure those wants would be met in Workflows. Check out the Assign To step, which gives you unrivalled flexibility in assigning Contacts to anyone in the space, specific users, and even users in specific teams - a brand-new feature! You can also use conditions such as channels, tags and custom fields to take Contacts down different branches and assign them to users accordingly. Learn more about Assign To here.
Greeting and Away Messages
Say "hello" or "sorry we missed you" to Contacts easily with Workflows. We're introducing a better way for you to manage Greeting and Away Messages. With a little bit of automation wizardry, combine the Date & Time step that lets you define your business hours with a Send a Message step. Contacts who message you during work hours will be promptly greeted while those who get in touch outside of business hours will be sent an Away Message. There's a spell for that: it's called Expectations Managed!
Send Template Messages via Workflows
You might be wondering if you can lighten your workload even more and send template messages over Workflows. The answer is a resounding yes. In the Send a Message step, check if your chosen channel supports a template message. If it does, you've hit messaging gold.
message template
Wait Step
Wait, what? What's wait? Let's say you want to schedule a message to be sent after a certain amount of time. There's now a step for that: the Wait step. Slip it in between a sequence of steps and configure the waiting period between both events. This opens doors for things like follow-up messages.
Of course, this comes at a price. The number of Workflows you can create depends on your respond.io Plan:
  • Free: 1 Workflow
  • Pro: 3 Workflows
  • Business: 15 Workflows
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Workflows
Want to find out more? Read all about Workflows here. To explore use cases that can be achieved with Workflows, check out this blog post.
Is this release all about Workflows and only about Workflows? Of course not! We have more in store for you.
[NEW] Message Template API
We heard you loud and clear. As requested, you can now send WhatsApp Template Messages to your WhatsApp contacts on the platform.
What's that you're asking? Does the API support Interactive/Media Message Templates? Aha, you'll have to check out the documentation here for more details!
And some annoying bug fixes...
  • You can now click on URLs included in Template Messages on the Messages Module
  • The Push Notification issue triggered when logging onto the platform via Google is fixed
  • The missing Inline Images in Email has been resolved
[v7.9] Enterprise Plan, WhatsApp Message Template Improvements, Data Export and more!
Changelog header (4)
A fast release this time but packed with lots of improvements. The highlight of this release is the brand new Enterprise Plan 🎉. We are introducing a new plan to cater to businesses of different sizes. To know more about our Enterprise Plan and the changes to the existing Pro and Business plans, read our blog post here.
Now, back to business, a lot of quality improvements were added within this short release. Let's start!
[NEW] Data Export for Messages
Yes, finally you can export messages from the platform. This took a while to plan because we are dealing with a large volume of data so we got to make sure it's reliable to use.
This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.
[NEW] Reply-To Context
The "reply to" in messaging apps is commonly used to follow up or referred to a previous message. Previously our channel partners didn't provide support for this feature (and some still don't), but we decided not to wait any longer and included the support of Reply-To context in respond.io for the outstanding channels that added this functionality to their APIs: Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp: 360dialog & ChatAPI.
WhatsApp Message Template Improvements
[NEW] Sending WhatsApp Interactive Message Templates to Vonage Contacts
Last release, we implemented WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Templates for 360dialog. Now here is some good news for Vonage users! You can now sync and submit WhatsApp Message Templates from your Vonage account. On top of that, you can ditch the boring text message templates and send Interactive/Media Message Templates to your Vonage contacts.
[NEW] New Headers: Image, Video and Documents
Previously, we only support text headers for WhatsApp Media Message Templates but now the platform support headers of different types such as image, video and document. You can use this template to send messages to your contacts containing QR code or Order Confirmation document. This is applicable to both 360dialog and Vonage WhatsApp API channels.
Pro tip: Include appropriate sample values when submitting message template, this will help the reviewers to better understand what message are you sending to your contacts!
[IMPROVED] Allowing dynamic variables for URL Call-to-Action
We reviewed some use cases and thought that it would be useful to the users if they can include dynamic variables for Call-to-Action of type URL. For example, if you would like to send a URL to your contact to check their profile, you can use a dynamic variable containing their customer ID instead of having to search and manually type the value.
[IMPROVED] Message Preview when sending Broadcast
We got a lot of feedback on this and we know it was painful for some of our customers out there. We made sure we put the preview back and even gave it an upgrade. We hope this solves your concern of not being able to review your message content.
[IMPROVED] Mobile Notification Preference
Our users gave us some feedback and shared with us how they expect the mobile notifications to work for them. We took in their suggestions and thought about them. So we decided to send mobile notifications regardless of the user's status. If you wish to receive it only when you are offline, you may state your preference in Notification Preference settings.
[IMPROVED] Remove Email Notification for Dialogflow
We have removed the email notification when
is triggered by a Dialogflow Intent. The emails were sent to everyone in the space and may not be relevant to every user, so we decided to remove the email. Users will still receive notifications on the platform, mobile push and web push.
and many bug fixes.....
  • Showing dynamic variables in Away Message settings
  • Facebook card doesn't show as Carousel on Messenger
  • unknown contact
    error when sending message to 360dialog contacts created via Contact API
  • Handling inline images for Apple Mail Client
[v7.8] IMAP/SMTP, Website Chat Improvements, WhatsApp Interactive Message, Broadcast features
Changelog header (3)
Another release packed with a lot of awesome features and improvements. Hurray! Pretty sure most of you are excited for this release because it includes one of the highest voted feature requests, IMAP/SMTP, along with some big improvements for Website Chat and Broadcast. In addition to that, we also had a go on WhatsApp latest feature, WhatsApp Interactive Message. With all this excitement, we also addressed quite a lot of issues in the release.
[NEW] New Channel: IMAP/SMTP
Following v7.2, we released Gmail and we know a lot of our customers are very eager to connect to other email inboxes. After a lot of R&D on this, we finally found a way that is flexible enough to connect to ANY inboxes. Yes, any inboxes! For the big players like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, there will be additional connection steps to connect it to respond.io. As long as you have access to your inbox settings and forwarding rules, it can be connected to the platform. Connect your email inbox now and start receiving your emails on the platform. Refer here on how to connect IMAP/SMTP!
[NEW] Website Chat Improvements
We have 1 super exciting news to share with all of you on Website Chat and that is we managed to reduce the bundle size of the widget! Kudos to the developers! Now it can be on the run to be one of the lightest website chat widgets in the market. A lightweight website chat widget can load faster on the website and it can make sure your visitors will be able to the widget to direct their enquiries.
In case you didn’t spot it, we are renaming Web Chat to Website Chat in respond.io to standardize the terms. Not to mention, there was a fresh makeover for Website Chat Customisation. Some of the highlights are as follows:-
Pop-up Message and Greeting Message
These two messages are now independent of each other where you can customise or enable them to show to your contact. Pop-up messages show in the minimized state of the website chat widget to provide a friendly experience to your website visitors. As for the Greeting message, the message will only be sent when your contact initiates a conversation.
Custom Website Chat Widget Icon
Oh, we know some customers or users love to personalize their website experience to their visitors. If you prefer to use a custom icon as the widget icon, you can upload an icon to show on the website. Tips: Use a square brand logo. That will help to create a brand identity
Website Chat Position
Multiple widgets on your website? Worry not, you can now customize the position of the website chat widget. You can add align to the left or right of the page, add horizontal or vertical spacing to the widget.
Text Customisation
We are giving you all the flexibility to change any text on the website chat widget from the title, button text and placeholder text. We understand from our customers and users that they would like to create a personalized website chat experience for the website visitors.
Custom Link and Custom QR
You can now upload custom links or custom QR on the website chat widget if you want to direct your visitors to navigate to a certain link.
[NEW] Broadcast to All Contacts with Phone Number
Good news! Now you can send a WhatsApp or SMS broadcast to all Contacts on your Space even if they haven't talked to you before, all you need is their phone number. This is great if you are looking to import a large number of contacts and proactively start the conversation with them. In short, you can now send broadcasts to contact whom you have never interacted with before.
[NEW] Broadcast to Chat API contacts
Yes, another broadcast-related feature! You can now broadcast to Chat API contacts but please bear in mind that misuse of this feature may risk getting your WhatsApp account banned. So be sure to use this feature in an appropriate manner to avoid any inconvenience.
[NEW] Added Restrictions for Manager
We got some feedback from our and added new restrictions for Space Managers. Space Managers can no longer add channels but they are allowed to manage the existing channels. As for Integrations, Space Managers can be restricted to this setting and this option can be configured in the Users settings.
[NEW] WhatsApp Interactive Message for 360dialog Contacts
When a 360dialog contact receives a survey or Dialogflow reply with multiple options, the options will show in WhatsApp Quick Replies or List Messages to the contact. The contact will be able to select an answer from the options as a reply.
[IMPROVED] Showing Inline Pictures in Email
Now when you view the original email in the messaging module, you will be able to see the inline pictures in the email rather than the attachments. We understand that users may lose context when reading the email so we quickly improve this feature to include inline pictures.
[IMPROVED] Showing images on Lightbox for Website Chat contacts
Yes, we got some feedbacks that it's annoying to show images in a new tab. This was an easy fix so we quickly got it done. When a contact clicks on the image in the website chat widget, the image will now appear in a lightbox.
[IMPROVED] Faster Broadcast Delivery
The platform has been running a lot of broadcasts and the developer team took a look to optimize broadcast for better performance and faster delivery. We hope this improvement helps to deliver the broadcast content to your contacts in a timely manner.
[IMPROVED] Increased Snippets Limit to 2000
Each space can have now have up to 2000 snippets. We understand from our customers that the current allowance of snippets is not enough so we raised the number so you can have more to streamline your responses and replies
[IMPROVED] Increased Contact API Rate Limit
After careful analysis, we have decided to increase the new rate limit is 200 calls per minute for Contact API. Make sure to be mindful about the rate limit when making calls to Contact API.
and some annoying bugs too......
  • WhatsApp Template Message Preview not showing on the mobile app
  • Document name appearing as null on WhatsApp client when sending WhatsApp Template Message with document header
  • Facebook Channel Link reappears in Customize Website Chat after deletion
  • Video files exceeding 5MB delivered as URL from WhatsApp
  • No Subject
    email subjects for follow up emails after the user refreshes a permission
  • Users Admin unable to edit space usage limit
  • Custom Notifications triggered by Dialogflow are not sending email
  • Contact Name not updated when both first and last name of a contact is being updated
[v7.7] Instagram, 360dialog Improvements and more!
Changelog header (2)
What a way to end Q2, Instagram is finally HERE!! We are so excited to announce this new channel because we know a lot of our customers longed for it. Now you can respond to your Instagram contacts from our platform. But that's not all, we included other exciting features in this release like WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Templates for 360dialog, Whatsapp Profile, etc.
[NEW] New Channel: Instagram
This is one of the long-awaited features and it's finally here! We are proud to announce that respond.io supports Instagram as a messaging channel. With the emerging trends of social marketing, Instagram is definitely one of those markets that you cannot miss out on.
For now, Facebook only allows Instagram accounts with follower counts over 1K and under 100K to connect to the API. Don't worry, it will be open to all accounts by end of Q3. We just need to be patient and wait a bit longer!
Connect your Instagram Business Account now and start messaging!
[NEW] WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Templates for 360dialog
This feature is an upgrade to our existing screens for WhatsApp Message Templates specifically for 360dialog (for now!) Good news is we are supporting WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Templates and now you can send some fancy and comprehensive messages to your contacts.
It doesn't end here, now you can sync all your WhatsApp Message Templates from 360dialog with a click of a button in our platform. No more manual copy, pasting and adding templates one by one. Loving it? You can submit a WhatsApp Message Template from respond.io too! So you don't need to switch platforms and manage all your templates from respond.io!
Wait wait! One more thing, this one I'm going to leave it for you to find out yourself and I'm pretty sure all our users will be pleased!
Hint: Try sending a WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Template to a contact. A Text Message Template will work too but it is not as exciting :P
Learn more on how to sync and submit WhatsApp Message Templates for 360dialog!
[NEW] Update WhatsApp Business Profile for 360dialog
Since we are doing the improvements for 360dialog, we might as well include this one for the ease and convenience of our users. You can now update your WhatsApp Business Profile from respond.io platform! Easy peasy, no need to login to multiple places. Just do everything at respond.io, sounds good?
[IMPROVED] References for Click to WhatsApp Ads
Previously, when a contact clicks on a WhatsApp ad, the event is passed to the platform but the ad information couldn't be found. We made an improvement here to include the URL in the event so users can find the source or the ad the contact was referring to.
[IMPROVED] Use snippets in Broadcast module
Oh yeah! When you are building the text message content for your broadcast, you can now use snippets for your own convenience and consistency of the content. We hope you like this tiny improvement we did in the Broadcast module!
[v7.6] Reports 2.0, Closing Note and more improvements!
Changelog header (1)
Wait a minute! It wasn't too long ago since the previous release and now we have another release? Yes, another big one and you will love what we packed in this release for sure. Let's check it out :-
[NEW] Reports 2.0
In v7.5, we did a basic version of reporting consists of the important metrics that is important to your organization. After a few iterations, we decided to dig deeper and built an advanced version of this module to provide more insights on your space's Conversation, Contacts, Users, Messaged and Logs. Go check it out and let us know what you think about it.
[NEW] Closing Note
Having difficulties getting a summary of your contacts' conversations? We have a solution for that! In line with Reports 2.0, we want to provide more insights and data points for our customers to analyse. Now when your users close a conversation, they will be expected to select a conversation category and provide a summary. However, this configuration is optional and it can be managed from the Space settings.
[NEW] Desktop Notifications for Safari
Great news for Safari users out there! The platform finally supports desktop notifications on Safari Browsers. We know all you Mac enthusiasts loves to use Safari for your day to day needs. You can now receive respond.io notifications on Safari so you won't miss out any important notifications.
[v7.5] Reports, Dashboard 2.0, Data Export, Voice Messaging, Time Zone and more!
Changelog header
Here comes the big update that most of you have been waiting for! We packed so many long-awaited features in this release and finally it's ready to be used. Let's go through the list of features:-
[NEW] Reports Module
One of the most requested features of all times and we have to make it right for our customers. After many iterations of requirements and design, we finally nailed down the metrics and performance indicators that are helpful for your day to day reporting needs.
[NEW] Dashboard 2.0
Yes, you heard it right! We did an upgrade to our current dashboard and gave it a brand new look to match our Reports Module. Not only that, we provided more useful widgets to help managers with their monitoring and workforce management needs.
[NEW] Data Export
Wait, now we have Reports and Dashboard 2.0, Data Export too?! I know, so many reporting goodies in this release right. We wanted to give our customers the flexibility to analyse their own data in case the new Reports Module and Dashboard 2.0 didn't match their reporting needs. With the exported data you can create your own dashboard using Excel or any other data visualisation tool.
[NEW] Voice Message
Prefer sending voice notes over typing a message? We are so proud to tell you that our Messaging Module now supports Voice Messaging. You can now record voice notes and send them to your contacts for better interactions and personalisation.
[NEW] Time Zone Settings
We have added Time Zone settings for space level to address the time issues for Reports, Dashboards and Views. Update your preferred time zone is Settings > General now!
[NEW] Conversations
This is the highlight of this release. You may not know it but this is the backbone for Reports, Dashboard and Data Export. We are introducing this new entity to the platform to help our users better manage their interactions with their contacts. This is just the beginning and we will continue to build more features around Conversations.
For this release, we will be associating conversation status instead of status for a contact. You can open or close a conversation with a contact and the conversation status will change accordingly. Opening and closing a conversation has an effect on the resolution metrics for Reports Module.
[IMPROVED] DialogFlow Improvements
Oh yes, some updates for DialogFlow users out there. We took in some feedback and did some improvements on DialogFlow. Now, the DialogFlow integration will be able to process location from the platform. In addition that, we have also added Contact's language in the payload so that you can trigger the contact's preferred language if necessary.
[IMPROVED] WhatsApp Message Template Parameters
Before, the parameter only allows a maximum of 50 characters and that has been a limitation for some of our customers. So we decided to drop the limit and impose no maximum characters for the template parameters but we will validate the length of the message inclusive of the parameters to make sure it doesn't exceed the message length of 1024 characters.
[v7.4] Contact Merge, Improved Contact Fields, Receiving Locations and many more improvements
Sorry for the long-overdue update! We had a big change this time around and we needed to make sure we did it right for our customers. For this release, the team has made
features and improvements to the platform operations and performance too. Let's take a look at the awesome features and improvements we have done for this release!
[NEW] Contact Merge
Having issues with the same contact on multiple channels? Contact Merge can resolve duplicate contact issues where you can merge multiple contacts to consolidate the details, conversations and events to have a holistic view of a contact.
Redesigned Contact Details Drawer
Improved Activity Tab
We did a little revamp to the activity tab and made the events as a timeline easier for users to understand. Besides that, we also added a reply function where you can quickly comment in reply to the user who has mentioned you in the comments.
activity tab
New Channels Tab
Here is where you can find all your active, inactive and restricted channels of a contact. You can initiate a conversation with your contact via the inactive channel by clicking on the
Send first message
link. At the bottom of this section, you will also find a list of contacts suggested to be merged based on the relevancy of phone number and email address
Redesigned Messaging Bar
- Channel Selector
With this new feature, we added a new channel selector to switch channels. If you are unable to send a message from one channel, you can select another channel to send your reply.
available channels
- Comment Function
Next, we added the comment functionality on the messaging bar so you can just comment right away without having to navigate to the contact details. Your comments will now appear in a grey box at Messaging View for clearer distinction.
[NEW] View Filters Includes Contact Fields
Yes, we did it! We included all contact fields in the view filters so that you can segment your contacts with more granularity.
[NEW] Receiving Contact Locations
This is another good news for you, voters, out there, you can finally receive contact's location on the platform. No need to check back and forth, all the locations sent by your contact will be shown on the platform. You can copy the GPS coordinates or address easily to update your contact details.
[IMPROVED] Renamed Custom Fields to Contact Fields
Custom Fields are now known as Contact Fields. Each space will have a default set of contact fields and the existing custom field that was created will remain.
New fields: Country and Language
We have added two new fields as part of the default set of contact fields. The country's initial value will be derived from the phone number if present while the language's initial value will be derived from the user's client browser. However, the value can be changed afterwards if necessary.
country language
New Field Type: URL
Another feature request and checked! Now you can add contact fields of type URL and the platform will validate to make sure it is a valid link. On top of that, we also included a quick button in the Contact Details so you can navigate to the link quickly.
Default Value is no longer applicable for Contact Fields
Due to performance issues, there will no longer be an option to specify a default value for a contact field. If you require to specify a default value, you can create an automation to update a contact field value when a conversation is started.
[IMPROVED] Conversation Searching
In the Messaging Module, you can now search for conversations with a contact's first name, last name, phone number or email address. We hope this helps your agents to be more productive in finding the conversation needed.
[v7.3] Rebuilt Notification System, Granular Access Level Permissions, many more features!
User Interface
Mobile App
Platform Performance
Nov 2020 _ Canny
This release was a challenging one with new technology and some tricky requirements but we managed to pull it through after a long month. What we focus on this release are improvements to the workforce's daily operations and performance. Check out the following on the features for this release:-
[NEW] Completely Rebuilt Notification System
We were aware of the limitations of the previous notification and we had a good look at it. It took us a while to build this one with all the plannings and adoption of new technologies. With that, we scraped off the existing system and designed a brand new notification system in view of a better use of notifications for our customers. Some of the inclusive features to highlight here is:-
New Notification Channel - Desktop Notifications
Oh yes, we heard you! We managed to pack in this feature in line with our new notification system. Once you have allowed notifications from your browser, you should be able to receive desktop notifications whenever you are inactive on the platform.
desktop push
Redesigned Notification Center
Check out the new Notification Center. Now you can treat it as your task manager where you can archive any of items that do not require your attention anymore. This way you can manage your pending task efficiently so that you won't miss out on anything important.
Notification Center
Improved Notification Preferences
We know everyone has a different preference for receiving notifications and that's why we will give you the upper hand to manage your own notification preferences. For each notification channel, you can select from different options of what type of notification you would like to receive. With a personalized notification preference, we hope you can receive meaningful notifications in an efficient manner.
Meaningful Notification Content
We put in a lot of thoughts to come up with the most meaningful content. From notification title to email contents, we want to make sure our users can understand and get to what they want just by interacting with the notifications without going deep into the issue.
Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 1
New infrastructure to handle Notifications
On a daily basis, our system sent thousands of notifications to our users of the platform. In order to ensure reliability, we purposely built a new infrastructure to handle notifications only and nothing else. We want to make sure the notifications are sent to our users so that they can perform their tasks when necessary. With this new infrastructure in place, we are looking forward to better handle any notifications related in a more efficient manner.
Documentation Link here!
[NEW] Granular Access Level Permissions
We did some improvements to Manager and Agent access level to help owners and higher-level managers to better manage their workforce. Due to the different nature of workforces, some users may need to have restrictions towards certain features.
Managers now can be restricted to contact deletion, data export, accessibility of Space Settings. Managers with any of the above restriction will not be able to perform the related task. Bear in mind, restriction to Space Settings may also restrict the user to perform any actions within the Space Settings.
As for agents, we do get a lot of feedback where the contact visibility of an agent should be limited to their assigned contacts. We took that into consideration and concluded to have different visibility options for an agent. An agent can either view all contacts, contacts assigned to his/her team, or his/her own assigned contacts only.
These restrictions can be enabled from the Users Module in Space Settings. Refer here for more information!
[IMPROVED] Broadcasting Capability for 360Dialog v2
- 360Dialog had an upgrade and we are adapting to the upgrade as much as possible to match the experience for our customers. Good news is broadcasting is now supported for our customer who is currently using on 360Dialog v2!
[IMPROVED] Template Message Echo support for MessageBird WhatsApp
- If you are sending template messages through MessageBird or via their API, the messages can be shown in the platform so you won't miss out on anything.
[IMPROVED] Changed Away status to Busy
- After much thoughts on this, the team has decided to match with current industry standards. User can now set their status to
instead of
and the rest will remain the same as before.
[IMPROVED] Phone Number validation for 360Dialog contacts
- There was a couple of unpleasant experience when sending a message to a 360Dialog contact and we didn't want our customers to feel confused or unsure of the error. Before you are able to send a message to a 360Dialog contact, the platform will now validate the contact and proceed to send when it is validated.
and also some insignificant bugs that you should not be worrying about. Cheers!
[v7.2] Gmail Channel, Contacts Import, HUMAN_AGENT tag and many more improvements!
Oct 2020  _ Canny
Hello everyone, we are entering Q4 of 2020 and the team is still striving hard to build some more exciting features for all of you out there. To kickstart this quarter, we have completed some features that were highly requested so check it out below :
[NEW] Gmail Channel Integration
- You didn't hear me wrong, we have finally integrated Gmail as a messaging channel on respond.io! It is one of the long-awaited features of all time and we took quite some time to plan this integration to make sure we do it right. We will be releasing this feature in Beta version so that we can continue to improve the experience for all of you out there. Connect your Google account now and start receiving your emails in the platform. Refer here on how to connect Gmail!
Note: This feature is still currently in BETA release and undergoing verification by Google Cloud team. You might be presented with "The app isn't verified" during the connection process.
[NEW] Contacts Import to SMS, WhatsApp and Gmail channel
- Oh yes, now you can add a single contact or import multiple contacts to channels that use phone number and email as the primary identifier. You can now initiate conversations with your contacts on the platform and in addition to that, you can also send a broadcast to new contacts too!
(Selected channels only)
Another bonus is you can also sync your contacts to the platform so that you can identify them quickly when they send you a message. Learn more here and start importing contacts to your space!
- Good News! We have been accepted into Facebook's HUMAN_AGENT Tag Closed Beta program and we are so excited to share this feature with all our users out there! This new tag will allow our respond.io users to extend their Messenger contacts' messaging window from 24 hours to 7 days! Now when you send a message to your Messenger contact 24 hours after the last reply, your message will be automatically tagged with HUMAN_AGENT tag until 7 days after contact's last reply.
[IMPROVED] Camera Access for Files
- For those who would like to upload pictures or videos on the go, lucky you! Our mobile app now allowed you to upload pictures and videos directly from your camera.
[IMPROVED] File Uploader and Image Preview
- Previously there were a few flaws with the existing file uploader and image preview, so we decided to upgrade this tool to meet all your file needs. We hope this upgrade will improve your experience with the platform.
and also some teeny weeny bugs that is not your concern. Cheers!
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