[v7.0] Organization Billing and lots of improvements!
Developer API
Organizational Billing - Canny
This release we completed a big feature, 🏢
Organization Billing
! Your organization will no longer need to depend on a Space Creator but now you can have multiple Organization Admin to manage your organization. More than that, we have also introduced new roles, Billing Admin and User Admin to manage some responsibilities on the platform. Learn more about Managing an Organization!
[NEW] Reseller Developer API
- The developer API works with the reseller's custom domain now so resellers can let their clients use the API to perform specific functions via API. Read more here!
[NEW] Easier way to connect to LINE
- We have removed the unnecessary steps and it is now faster and easier to connect to LINE. Check out the documentation here!
[NEW] Increased bulk tagging limit
- Previously it was capped at 25 contacts and now you can assign tags up to 100 contacts at once. Learn how to bulk assign tags here!
[IMPROVED] Added contact object to Dialogflow Fulfillment
- Good news, we added the contact object to the Fulfillment Webhook Request for your usage! Check it out here!
[IMPROVED] Updated the LINE URL for QR Code
- We updated our URL scheme based on LINE's latest documentation so your contacts can use this scan code to redirect to your LINE official account!
[IMPROVED] Increased character limit for WhatsApp Template Messages
- Need to compose a longer WhatsApp Template Message? You can now write up to 1024 characters in a Template Message.
and not to forget, here comes the annoying bugs...
  • Added support for handling Twitter Echo messages
  • Ignored incoming group messages for Telegram
  • Fixed and ignored the Message Delivery Status for Facebook Broadcasts