Business problem:
  • Customers want to give personalized experiences to their contacts based on the ads they came from. However, they don't know which ads their contacts clicked on, so they struggle to provide relevant context during conversations or create workflows to handle click-to-chat ad messages.
Desired outcome:
  • Click-to-chat ad messages as triggers to workflows
  • Handling click-to-chat ad messages with no workflows defined by showing the ad link with the incoming message
Use Cases:
  • Enable WhatsApp or Facebook Ads To Trigger an Ad-Specific Workflow
  • Inform agents about the ads they are receiving a message for.
Limitation/blocker of our platform:
  • Only these channels have ads capabilities: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
  • There is a limitation on how many workflows can be created per workspace, thus creating a workflow for each individual ad might not be feasible
The current workaround:
  • Currently, there will be a link to go to the Ad if the conversation is opened by Ad