[v7.1] WhatsApp & Facebook Broadcast, WebSocket Improvements and many more features!
Developer API
Dynamic Variables
Sept 2020  _ Canny
It has been a long month for us but we are back with
for you. We took some time looking at our broadcast module, thinking of what can be done better to suit your broadcasting needs. Here is the list of new and improved features for this release :
[NEW] Broadcast via WhatsApp Business API Template
- We heard you and now you can send broadcasts to your WhatsApp contacts using WhatsApp Template Messages. Start preparing your templates so that you can start scheduling your broadcasts soon! Link
[NEW] Broadcast via Facebook Tagged Messages
- This isn't something requested but we thought why not include broadcasting via Facebook, one of the largest social media in the world. You can now bulk send messages to your Facebook contacts but please be mindful to comply with Facebook's regulation. Link
[NEW] Redesigned Broadcast Dialog
- The broadcast dialog is redesigned with a new look and feel for better usability. In addition to that, you can also check and verify your broadcast content by sending a test broadcast to yourself or any other recipient. This way, you do not need to worry too much when sending a broadcast message to thousands of recipients. Link
[NEW] Using Dynamic Variable in Broadcast
- The broadcast fun hasn't ended yet and another feature that is highly voted, using dynamic variable values in your broadcast content. Personalize your broadcast message by including dynamic variables and give your audience a thoughtful touch.
[IMPROVED] Better Websockets Performance
- For better web chat experience, we looked into what can be improved and did the necessary improvements to make sure you stay connected to your contacts. On top of that, we also included the message delivery status to aid contact resolution.
[IMPROVED] Contact's Flag based on phone number
- We have improved our logic to populate the contact's flag based on the phone number provided by the channel. Read more here!
[IMPROVED] Preview of Snippet Content
- We are including the snippet content into the preview so you can be sure of what you are sending to the contact. Read more here!
[IMPROVED] Descriptive Error Messages
- If you encountered an error while sending a message, you can now find the descriptive error messages from the channel by hovering on the message. Find out more here!
and not to forget the never-ending list of bugs...
  • Corrected pagination links in Contacts API
  • Increased contact limit while assigning tags
  • Handling generic file types for incoming attachment from LINE
  • Resolved Telegram attachments for broadcasts
  • Ability to download billing invoice from the platform