[v6.8] Message Status, WhatsApp Message Templates, Teams and many more
User Interface
This release, we built some
features :
[NEW] Message Status
- No more guessing, now you can find out whether or not your contacts received or read your message. The message status will help you to check on your customer engagement. Find out more about Message Status now!
[NEW] WhatsApp Message Templates
- The WhatsApp upgrade is finally here! You can now send Message Templates to your WhatsApp contacts with WhatsApp Partners API. Read up here on how to set up!
[NEW] Teams
- Build teams within your space for better visibility and resource management. Your team can work collaboratively and be more productive while resolving issues for your contacts! Add a team now!
[NEW] Shared Views
- Yes, you can now share your views with other users on the space so everyone sharing the view can be aligned. You can set your share settings to Private, Public or Shared depending on the needs.
[NEW] Customizable 'Get Started' button text for Viber
- We know some of you may want to have something different for the 'Get Started' button text on Viber. Don't worry, we got you covered! You can now change the button text to anything you prefer.
[NEW] New Settings interface
- We have a new look for our Settings page! We want our users to be able to navigate around the Settings page easily. Check it out now and give us your feedback!
[IMPROVED] Removed delete confirmation
- We made things a little bit easier for you guys and removed the step to type the word 'DELETE' during deletion with an exception to space deletion ⚠.
[IMPROVED] Added 'Scan Code' for 360Dialog
- Yay, there is a code scanner function for 360Dialog. Check it out and share it with your audience.
and we fixed some annoying bugs too...
  • Webhook URL on 360Dialog (Whatsapp)
  • Contact locale not properly stored on Twilio (SMS and WhatsApp)
  • Images were received as XML on Twilio (Whatsapp)