[v6.7] User Activity Status, Profile Avatars & Automatic Contact Assignment
For this update, we have a few exciting features for you and here it is :-
[NEW] User Activity Status
- Agents can now update their status, set an inactivity period or let the system handle it for you automatically. Find out more here!
[NEW] Profile Avatars
- Yay, now agents have avatars to make contacts assignment easier. Here is how you can update your profile avatar!
[NEW] Automatic Contact Assignment
- Finally, we now provide you with an option to assign contacts to an available agent automatically. Learn more here on how to set up automatic contact assignment for your space.
[NEW] Editing and Deleting Views
are now called
and you can edit, delete or rename a view when it is necessary.
[NEW] Facebook Messenger Tags
- Can't send message to a Facebook contact after 24 hours? Don't worry, the solution is here. You can now send messages to your Facebook contacts after the 24 hours messaging window as long as you tag your messages correctly.
[IMPROVED] Searchable Agent Dropdown
- No more looking through the list manually when assigning a conversation, just search for the agent's name and assign to them right away. Check it out here!