We’re dedicated to elevating the customer conversation experience and ensuring you can produce consistent information throughout the platform. We're excited to introduce our latest feature:
AI Assist is engineered to deliver reliable and precise answers, leveraging your supporting content. By supplying AI Assist with the relevant information, it becomes a valuable tool for generating accurate responses to customer inquiries. It is your agents’ co-pilot, delivering seamless and exceptional service. Let’s see how it works.
Improved Answers from Multiple Supporting Content
We know that you have your own documentation and self-help materials, and AI Assist is here to make use of it. Upload these materials in the form of PDFs or website URLs in the Add New Knowledge Source dialog.
Note that you’re only able to add one URL at a time, though you can add as many PDFs as you want.
Your snippets are also used as a Knowledge Source by default. If you want to disable this, turn off the toggle in the AI Assist Tab.
Additionally, you have the power to give AI Assist its own unique character and style, ensuring that its responses reflect your brand through our AI Assist Persona feature.
AI Assist: Get Accurate Answers with a Single Click!
With AI Assist now connected to your supporting content, head to the message module and click the AI Assist button. It instantly generates responses to your incoming customer messages right in the message composer.
You can even rate the response. If it's not quite what you need, just click 'thumbs down' and regenerate another response. You can also click ‘thumbs up’ if the response was what you were looking for. Your ratings help Respond AI get smarter and more precise.
Keep in mind that every response costs one Respond AI Credit.
No Supporting Content? AI Assist Can Still Assist You
Even if you don't have any support sources, you can still harness the power of AI Assist. If enabled, it's ready to assist you by default, using ChatGPT's extensive knowledge to generate answers.
Exciting AI Updates Are Coming Soon!
In the upcoming weeks, we will develop a conversational bot that can automatically reply to customer inquiries on your channels. It will also be able to hand over conversations when it doesn’t have the answers or your contacts ask to speak to an agent. Stay tuned for these exciting enhancements! 🚀🤖