Falamos Português! 🎉
Portuguese is now available on respond.io. You can switch your platform language to Portuguese by going to
Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language
. 🇵🇹
We’ll be launching more new languages in the coming months, so look out for our updates. Have a preferred language you’d like to see on the platform? Vote for it here and we just might add it. 😉
Better Security 🔐: You Are in Good Hands
We have made significant upgrades to our security infrastructure, including improving password requirements. Existing users will need to follow these new requirements when they request a password change.
pssword security-new (1)
Fallback Display for Unsupported Message Types
We now have a fallback display for unsupported message types on the platform. Previously, certain message types such as Contact Cards and Stickers would not be displayed at all so you wouldn’t know if a Contact had messaged you.
Now, these messages will be shown as a fallback display with access to the JSON payload. This will let you see the message type and, if you can understand JSON, interpret the message.
unsupported message (1)
Improvements Across Popular Channels
  • Facebook Messenger: Thread control on the platform has been improved to ensure that outgoing messages can always be sent from respond.io
  • Instagram: Story Mentions will no longer be shown as messages to prevent them from opening a conversation each time. Instead, they will be shown as Contact Events.
  • WhatsApp Cloud API & 360 Dialog: 360dialog’s broadcast rate limit has been doubled from 10 messages per second to 20 while Cloud API’s has been raised from 10 to 80.