The new native Make (formerly Integromat) integration is now available! 🥳 Here’s your ticket to building more comprehensive automation with over 1,300 apps on and any other app with an open API.
To get the new version of the integration, go to
Settings > Integrations > Make (formerly Integromat) > Edit.
Then, generate an API key and paste it into the Scenario editor to authenticate your account with
New Triggers
Previously, the integration with did not support any triggers. These are the triggers you can now use:
  • New incoming or outgoing message
  • Conversation opened or closed
  • New contact is added
  • Existing contact is updated
  • Contact tag is updated
  • Contact assignee is updated
  • New comment is added for a Contact
These triggers allow for a variety of use cases. For example,
New contact is added
can be used to upload new contacts to a CRM. Similarly, you could automatically transfer comments from to your sales CRM with the trigger
New Comment is added for a Contact.
New Actions
The previous integration also had a limited number of actions that could be performed. The new integration supports a host of new actions to choose from, including:
  • Find a contact
  • Update assignee
  • Delete a contact
  • Add a comment
  • Open or close conversation
  • Get all the closing notes
And many more! To explore all the available triggers and actions, check out the and integration page here.
New Templates
To help you get started with popular applications such as HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Pipedrive, we have created a list of readymade and templates. Here are some examples:
  • Send a customer a message via for new Shopify orders
  • Add a tag to a contact if a contact is added to a specified list in HubSpot
  • Add a note to the contact in Pipedrive when their conversation is closed
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 2
The old integration with will be deprecated on 03/08/23 (3 August).
Existing Scenarios that currently utilize the previous app will remain operational until the deprecation date. After that, they will not work.
To avoid any disruption to your workflow, we strongly recommend migrating to the new app
before 3 August 2023
by following these instructions.