Experience our latest enhancements, such as improved growth widgets, increased team sizes, expanded language support, and enhanced Click-to-Chat Ads and more, making it easier for you to engage with your audience and streamline your internal collaboration. Discover what's new:
Track Current Page URL With Growth Widgets
We've enhanced our Growth Widgets for WhatsApp, Viber and Email Channels. Now, you can include the current page URL in the pre-filled text. This helps to enhance the context of your conversations and makes understanding customer queries easier.
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Increased Number of Teams for Enterprise Plan
Organizations on the Enterprise plan will now have the capability to create up to 200 teams, doubling the previous limit.
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Focused View on Ongoing Workflows in Messages Module
To streamline the navigation and management of workflows in the messages module, we've updated the view for the workflows icon. Now, when you click on it, you'll only see ongoing workflows. This simplifies the view, making it easier to focus on and manage active workflows.
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Expanded Language Support for Field Names
We have expanded language support for field names across the platform. You can now use non-alphanumeric characters, including emojis, in several essential fields. Fields now supporting a broader range of characters include:
Team Name, Snippet Name, Inbox Name
Segment Name.
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Enhanced Receipt Details for WhatsApp Balance Top-Up
We have improved receipt details for WhatsApp balance top-ups to enhance transparency, making financial documentation more comprehensive and useful for your business. The generated receipts for WhatsApp balance top-ups will now include essential information such as
User's company name
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Click-to-Chat Ads Workflow Enhancements
We've made two significant improvements to enhance your experience with Click-to-Chat (CTC) ads in workflows.
Firstly, you can now select CTC ads in workflow triggers that has multiple destinations, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This enhancement from single-destination CTC ads to multi-destination enhances flexibility in how you engage with your customers.
Secondly, we've introduced a new contact event (Click-to-Chat Ad: Leads Ad). When a user fills up a form on a CTC Ad leading to Messenger or Instagram channel connected to respond.io, you'll be able to view the contact's responses to the form questions directly within respond.io.
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Enhanced Contact Management with Automatic Duplication Checks
We’ve made enhancements to streamline your contact management. Now, when a contact sends an incoming message, our platform automatically checks for duplicates by matching the phone numbers or email addresses of your existing and manually imported contacts, ensuring that duplicated contacts are not created.