Some customers is online stores and they have operation team
The agent will transfer contact to operation team for feedback ( write comments to agent ) then he will return back to agent
Some operation team may give read only mode with reply to contacts , just to search and review history if requested from his manager .... etc
Some agents, want to disable voice notes to customers ... only to reply in text
so if possible to add permissions to each user as
  • Enable/Disable reply to contacts ( Read only )
only he will use comments b/w teams and agents
  • Enable/Disable Send files
  • Enable/Disable send survey
  • Enable/Disable record voice notes
it's like internal process flow b/w teams >>> customer care will assign contact to operation team for feedback
he should document his response as comment and return back to agent to discuss the feedback with contact
the operation team does not have responsiblity to answer contact direct, so we need to disable the reply to prevent the human mistakes